Get ready to be spooked, at the Halloween Ball at Eastbank Venue with DJ Marty McFly! Event is 21+. Advance tickets are strongly recommended!
Dress up in you favorite Halloween costume and enter the Costume Contest for the chance to win great prizes!
General Admission is $45 and Includes:
  • Ticket to the Halloween Ball
  • Access to the Bar (drinks not included)
VIP tickets are $75 are limited and include:
Skip to the front of the entrance line (Special VIP Entrance)
  • Venue Early Access at 6:30pm
  • VIP Wristband
    Private VIP lounge area with special seating next to DJ setup
  • Private dining tables 
  • Private bar access in VIP lounge (drinks not included)
  • Private water station in VIP lounge

Costume Guidelines: 
Props are allowed, but no real weapons can be used for props. Any props that are real, or look to lifelike, will be confiscated. Homemade props are great, but use your best judgement. Final say will be given to security.

Costumes that cover or alter the facial features of a guest must be able to be removed to allow for the ID checking process. If you alter your appearance beyond being able to distinguish your identity with photo ID you will not be permitted to enter the venue, or will be required to remove enough makeup to establish your identity. 

This is a charity fundraiser, please avoid offensive or culturally insensitive costumes. No nudity or lewd costumes are allowed.