Pull Tab Program

Collecting pull-tabs from cans such as soup and pop is an easy and fun way to support the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois. The pull-tabs are collected and then recycled at Marion Iron Company.

Please contact our development team at development@rmhc-eiwi.org or (319) 500-RMHC for questions about the pull-tab program or to schedule a time to drop off large quantities of tabs. We have a small (14 gallon) recycling bin outside the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City at all times for smaller donations. Or, skip the trip and drop them off at the recycler! Marion Iron in Marion, Iowa will accept pull tabs for us and send us the check. Just let them know it is for RMHC.

When donating large amounts of pull-tabs please consider storing them in stackable containers such as cardboard boxes, plastic tubs, or buckets. Please avoid containers such as milk jugs, two liter pop bottles, and office water jugs.

The money received is based on how many pounds of pull-tabs are delivered. We receive market value for recycling the aluminum.

For years, elementary schools have been the biggest contributors to our Pull Tab program. The following information might be helpful in teaching the kids about the value of a pull tab. Be as creative as you want about having students be involved in collecting.

Fun Pull-Tab Facts…Did you know?