The Phillips Family

Marissa and Ryan Phillips came to St. Luke’s for Marissa’s standard 32-week checkup. But to the couple’s surprise, the appointment was anything but standard—and they wouldn’t go home for another 20 days.

When their daughter, Claire, was born seven weeks early, the Family Room gave the Phillips’ close access to their daughter in a setting that felt like home. Because they were able to stay so close to her, Marissa could get a good night’s sleep in the Family Room without the sounds of machines to keep her up. When it was time to feed Claire, a nurse would call her in so she never missed that important time with her daughter.

Between Family Room staff and volunteers, the Phillips found both the physical and emotional support they needed to start their new life as a family unit. Being able to share stories with other families helped the couple feel at ease and allowed them to support others facing similar situations. And having a home cooked meal prepared by volunteers who wanted to help not only made things easier—it showed them that their community cared.

“I feel like having the access to the rooms really sped up the process and got us out of here sooner,” says Marissa. “Thanks to the Family Room and everyone there, I feel like we transitioned well. Now we have a routine and we’re happy to be home together as a family.”

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