The Crossett Family

Wendy and John Crosset didn’t know what to expect when twins Magnolia and Finley were born at just 29 weeks, but they knew they could rely on the Ronald McDonald Family Room to provide them with the comforts of home while they split their time between work, the NICU and the Family Room at UnityPoint Health – St.Luke’s Hospital.

The Crossetts, who were told it would be months before they could take Maggie and Fin home, began using the Family Room as soon as Wendy was discharged from the hospital. Here they were able to rest in the sleep rooms, socialize with other families in the kitchen and grab a hot meal lovingly prepared by volunteers every night.

For John and Wendy, the Family Room lived up to its name in every way. Gathering in the kitchen and talking to other families allowed the new parents to feel at home and be a part of a community. When they first arrived, the Crossetts found comfort in the advice of families who had been at the Family Room for some time. But after a month into their stay, they weren’t surprised to learn that they too became the family new couples turned to for guidance.

Aside from the free, delicious meals and the amazing support they received from staff, volunteers and other families, having a space that was both close to the twins but also removed from the stress of the NICU allowed the Crossetts to stay close to one another while Maggie and Fin grew healthy and strong. Today the Crossett Family is together at last at their home in Marion, IA, and Wendy and John remain strong supporters of the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

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