The Hoeger Family

Rochelle Hoeger and her daughter Jasmyn were exhausted from traveling back and forth from their home in Dyersville, Iowa to Iowa City for outpatient treatment. They explored staying at hotels, but that option would be expensive over the course of Jasmyn’s treatments. After some research they learned about the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City and felt a sense of relief when they moved into their room. It felt like home when they were away from their own.

Jasmyn had been struggling with Anorexia Nervosa. The eating disorder outpatient clinic at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital was critical to Jasmyn’s recovery. To help ensure Jasmyn was able to follow the program and work towards recovery, the staff at the House provided Rochelle and Jasmyn with a room with its own kitchen during their multiple stays at the House. “Having a suite made a world of difference for us. With a private kitchen where we could bake and cook together, Jasmyn was able to focus on making and eating meals- a huge part of her recovery.” Rochelle shared, “Being able to stay at the House was vital for Jasmyn during treatment. We could center our attention on therapy instead of traveling hours each day and being distracted with the triggers of daily life. It allowed us to slow down and make sure she was really focusing on healing.”

Not only did Rochelle and Jasmyn appreciate being able to cook, but they also loved spending time in the Ronald McDonald House backyard. They would go on walks on the trails behind the House which made them feel like they were home. Sometimes they would read, or Jasmyn would work on homework outside and enjoy the fresh air. It was another way for them to slow down, relax, and focus on recovery. They noted that the House was more than just a cost-free place for them to stay, it was a place where people understood what they were going through. Rochelle shared, “We are so fortunate we had such a wonderful, hospitable place we were able to call our home, during the toughest couple of months of Jasmyn’s teenage years.”

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