The Jensen Family

Drexton Jensen was born two months early in Waterloo to Zack and Jocelyn Jensen via emergency c-section. Drexton had intestinal blockage at birth and required surgery at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. The couple from Cedar Falls have been together for twenty years and relied on each other more than ever to get through this frightening time as the stay in Iowa City was unexpected, Zach and Jocelyn were unsure of where they would sleep to stay close to their newborn.

Staying overnight at a hotel just wasn’t going to be an option for the new parents. Fortunately, they heard about the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City and were able to get a room. “Leaving as quick as we did from Cedar Falls was a crazy time for us” explained Joceyln. “Once we got settled at RMH, we realized that everything we needed was all around us. Food, toiletries, showers, and a shuttle that would take us to the hospital so we could see Drexton.” Zack eventually had to go back to work in Cedar Falls while his wife stayed at the House. Even though they were separated by about 90 miles, Zack knew he didn’t have to worry about his family, “My wife had her own room and was in a safe place. It eased my mind while working knowing my family was being taken care of at the Ronald McDonald House.”

The Jensens were able to take baby Drexton home after nearly two months in the hospital. Reminiscing about their stay at the Ronald McDonald House, they will always be thankful for the people who made the House a home. “Every day we would see the staff and volunteers work so hard to take care of us. Any question, no matter what, was always answered and a helping hand was extended to us every day of our stay. All of the stress was taken away and we were able to focus on Drexton.”

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