The Junge-Housman Family

Olivia Housman was born at just 24 weeks gestation due to complications in Jodi’s pregnancy. As what is known as a micro baby, she stayed a total of three and a half months at St. Luke’s Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic. Before Olivia was born, Jodi didn’t realize that St. Luke’s had a Ronald McDonald Family Room, but soon learned that she and her husband, Chase, would have the support of the Family Room throughout their stay.

The Family Room staff was always there for Jodie and Chase, making sure they had everything they needed to be comfortable. “There were times Olivia was pretty sick, and we didn’t want to leave for even an hour to get food,” Jodie explained. “You’re pretty down during those times. It made our lives easier knowing we could just walk down the hall to get something to eat and take care of ourselves without leaving the building.”

They enjoyed being able to have their three older kids use the Family Room for games, crafts, and coloring books. “It was nice to have the Family Room keep us all together as a family, even if the kids couldn’t see Olivia right away,” said Jodie. They were grateful to have a comfortable place to find solace during one of the most difficult times in their lives. “I want to thank RMHC-EIWI,” Jodie said. “Olivia wasn’t even a pound when she was born, and we spent our scariest moments at the NICU and Family Room where we found the support of people who did everything to comfort us.”

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