The Mally-Nawaz Family


At week 26 of Sienna Mally-Nawaz’s pregnancy, doctor’s diagnosed her unborn baby with a congenital heart defect which was going to require at least three operations after birth. Already raising two young children of their own, Sienna and her husband Jawad knew this was going to be a long, stressful journey.

Sienna gave birth to Eva in October of 2018 and after an unsuccessful first surgery, Eva underwent four other operations that required her, at times, to be on life support. Because of her complications, Eva developed an aneurism and doctor’s placed her on a heart transplant list. Today, Eva is still waiting for her new heart and her parents Sienna and Jawad have stayed almost a full year at the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City. Despite the stresses of being away from their home in Marion for so long, Sienna feels blessed to be at the Ronald McDonald House. She explains, “Our stay has been such a God send and has taken a huge burden off our family. There is no way we would be able to afford lodging and fuel while Eva is in the hospital. The Ronald McDonald House allows my family to stay together during these tough times so we can be right by Eva as she fights every day.”

Despite knowing only the hospital room in her young life, Eva has developed her own larger than life personality. “We call her Diva Eva” laughed Sienna. “She will see people in her room that she doesn’t recognize and give them this attitude. It cracks us up so much that we made special t-shirts that say ‘Dive Eva’. The Ronald McDonald House is a true blessing and moments like this are ones we cherish because we are able to be next to her every day and see her develop.”