The McGovern Family

Doctor appointments during pregnancy are full of excitement and nervous expectations. When time came for their ultra-sound, however, the McGoverns learned more than they expected. Diagnosed with Lissencephaly, a rare gene-linked brain malformation, Cade has what is  sometimes referred to as a smooth brain. The McGoverns were told that Cade would most likely not come home from the hospital but he defied the odds and made it home.

Cade’s symptoms, including feeding intolerance, epilepsy, and inability to speak have become a normal rhythm for the McGovern family. They have had multiple stays at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City. They enjoy that they were close to Cade and his care without staying in a room that felt like a hospital. Ronald McDonald House allowed them to have a break and be able to take care of themselves. The little things matter. One of their stays was during the Summer Olympics. They would come back from being at the hospital all day and take some time to relax and watch the Olympics. They were grateful for a location that felt normal during a time that seemed like a roller coaster.

Cade has an older brother, Chase, who is a big helper. Only two-and-half years older, they are the best of friends. Chase is in tune with Cade’s needs and wants. They play for hours with one another. Throughout the different stays at the Ronald McDonald House, the boys love all the toys in the playroom and the outside playground equipment. Their times at Ronald McDonald House have created fun memories for the family during some difficult times.

Erin communicates keeps her friends and family updated through a Facebook page called Cademan’s Adventure.

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