The Noel-Mobley Family

The Noel-Mobleys were told during their 20 week ultrasound that their child had complex chromosome traits that neither the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital or Mayo Clinic had ever seen before. This news started them on a journey that included both known and unknown hurdles. After many preterm doctors’ appointments and care conferences, Allyson and Bradley welcomed Kaimahni into the world.

The complexities of Kaimahni’s condition lead to multiple hospitalizations and surgeries. Each step brought more questions and more decisions for the Noel-Mobley family, each starting with an hour and a half drive to get to the treatment Kaimahni needed. Allyson says, “It felt like we were never home. We would be home for a week and then something would happen and back to Iowa City we would go.”

Thankfully, the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City was there to make sure that Allyson and Bradley were never far from Kaimahni and the financial burden of managing housing and food was taken away. After a few stays the House really felt like a second home. They appreciated the privacy of having their own room to unwind without the beeping and hospital noises. The open laundry facilities and many common areas allowed the Noel-Mobley’s flexibility to set their schedule to what Kaimahni needed and know that they could still come back to the House and do their laundry or unwind with other families.

“My absolutely favorite part about our stays at RMH was the meals! It was so helpful to always know that dinner was there and waiting,” said Allyson. No matter how the day went at the hospital, they knew that dinner was already made and ready for them when they came back from the hospital.

The little moments and memories add up. Allyson and Bradley learned to embrace the unique community that forms at RMH. Bradley loves to cook and on occasion would cook breakfast for everyone from the fully stocked pantry. He was also regularly seen on the basketball court outside with some of the kids staying at the House. Allyson appreciated the welcome bags with blankets, activities, and crafts that provided comfort and distractions from the stress of the medical issues.

Above all, the Noel-Mobley family is grateful for the fact that they had somewhere to stay that is minutes from the critical care that Kaimahni needed.

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