The Recker Family

Trisha felt her water break at 22.5 weeks gestation. She was pregnant with fraternal triplets and knew that she needed to go to the hospital as quickly as possible. She and her husband Travis departed for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Trisha was on bed rest at the hospital for seven before the doctors scheduled a caesarean.  On August 15th, Trisha, Travis, and their two year old son Camden welcomed three new boys to their family.

Kendrick was the first born. Issues with his umbilical cord caused concern and he required a hernia repair and other interventions.

Asher was born second. He was the biggest and passed through the NICU with flying colors. He was the first to be discharged in October.

Tegan was born third. He had some minor bumps in the road that are more common conditions for preemie infants.

Three days after delivery, Trisha was discharged from the hospital. With one son at home 76 miles away and 3 new babies in the NICU, Trisha wasn’t sure how she was going to manage. Fortunately her nurses referred her to the Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City. She was able to stay close to the triplets and have plenty of space and resources for Travis and Camden to spend weekends with her at RMH. The family, separated by an hour and a half drive for 14 weeks, was able to make it work and meet the needs of all of their children.

During her time at RMH, Trisha went to the hospital early and came back late in the night. She noticed the little things that were done for families at RMH such as the Halloween goodie bags that contained coloring and activities books. Trisha says, “Something that little made me feel so special. Someone else was thinking about me.” There were good days and bad days with the triplets, but those little things changed her outlook for day. Walking to her room at times, she would read the stories of other families on their doors. The boards allowed her to connect with other families and share encouragement and support. She met another mom staying at RMH who had twins and now they are friends and stay in touch.

After leaving Iowa City, she decided that she was going to stay involved in RMHC-EIWI in some way. Travis and Trisha decided that they would come back to the Ronald McDonald House twice a year. Each December they would bring goodie bags for current families and each summer they would participate in an event. Trisha says, “I wanted my boys to know that the holiday season isn’t all about getting, but about giving and making someone feel better. And I want the current families to know that someone else is thinking about them.” She appreciated that a total stranger thought of her during a difficult time and wants to pay it forward.

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