The Weatherwax Family

When their infant son was life flighted to Iowa Healthcare Stead Family Children’s Hospital, Kayla and Ben arrived with just the clothes on their backs. “We did not have a toothbrush, any toiletries, anything other than what we wore that day. It was so nice to be able to take a shower and have toiletries available [in the Ronald McDonald Family Room] and not have to leave our son to drive somewhere to purchase those things.”

Though only a few months old, Kayla and Ben’s son required multiple hospital stays in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The Ronald McDonald Family Room was always there for a cup of coffee, a healthy snack or a home cooked meal, just steps away from their baby’s bedside. “We were so thankful to not have to leave our son for a long period of time to get necessities and meals.” Kayla shared that without the Ronald McDonald Family Room “we would’ve spent a lot more time away from his bedside, which we hate to do. We truly appreciate [RMHC Family Room] services so that we could focus more of our time on the care of our child and his needs.”

“After experiencing medical emergencies firsthand with our son, we can attest that services like this truly do make a difference. When your mind and your heart are already so overwhelmed, worried, and thinking about your child, these services ease the stress of a stressful situation.”

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