The Wilson Family

Emergencies happen without notice and families have little time to prepare for an extended stay at a hospital hours away from home. Packing a suitcase or having every day necessities is usually the last thing on the mind of a parent when rushing to the hospital for your child. When Nicky Wilson got the phone call from doctors that her son had recently been injured, she rushed to the hospital to be by his side.  Soon thereafter, both mother and son took the two hour ambulance ride together to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Without a place to stay and no means of transportation, Nicky turned to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois (RMHC-EIWI) for help. “The Ronald McDonald House provided my family with a place to sleep, served homemade meals every night, and gave rides to and from the hospital.” Nicky stayed a total of four weeks at the House while her son recovered from his injuries and she couldn’t have been more thankful. Nicky explained, “After having spent such a long time at the hospital, it’s hard to describe how nice it is to come back in the evening to cards of encouragement greeting you as you enter your room, to not have to worry about forgetting to bring shampoo, or figuring out a way to mail a letter.”

The Wilsons never thought they would have needed the services provided by RMHC-EIWI, but now understand what it’s like to be a family in need. Nicky hopes she can be an advocate for the House and inform people on how to help. “I want everyone to know that even if you feel like there isn’t much you can do to help, there is! Save your pop tabs, donate toiletries, or volunteer to make a meal. It will mean the world to someone and your efforts will allow families to focus their attention on their children who need them.”

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