The Vargas-Crawford Family

Angie Vargas went into early pre-term labor at 24 weeks. After her daughter, Macie, was delivered at just 1 lb. 3 oz., Angie didn’t know if she would ever bring her baby home. Overwhelmed and frightened at the prospect of leaving her young daughter’s side, Angie and her partner Mitch found comfort in the Ronald McDonald Family Room.

Despite living in Cedar Rapids, the couple found it difficult to leave the hospital or be more than just a few steps away with Macie in such a delicate state. Even the idea of leaving momentarily to get food was too much for Angie, who appreciated the free homemade meals offered just steps from her daughter’s bedside.

The Family Room quickly proved to be the perfect fit. Mitch was able to eat, shower and get ready for work while staying close to his daughter. When he returned from work every day, he was able to focus on her health and be with his family. And whenever things were looking down for the couple, they found solace in connecting with other families who assured them they were not alone.

After nine months in the hospital, Angie and Mitch received the best news of their lives: they could finally take their daughter home. Today, Angie and Mitch enjoy watching Macie grow stronger. They report that she now crawls on her own, and despite still having many obstacles to overcome, is a thriving, healthy, happy baby.

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